Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back in Action

Now, I am back to playing REAL poker. It felt good to get back around the table, but I was a bit nervous.

As an example, a super tight player to my right re-raised someone who made it $12 to $62. I looked down and I have pocket-K. Now, I am thinking what the hell, does this guy have pocket Aces or what?

So, I just call, which was my mistake. I needed to raise then and move all in (I didn't have THAT much money in front of me, but enough to make a move). Cause the only thing the flop would make me do is fold my hand.

The flop goes down with all low cards and the guy bets, still I am unsure, trying to figure if he has aces or not. I figured this was it, So I move all-in and he thinks about it. That's when I calmed down because aces insta-calls me there.

He does call and he shows pocket-Q. I double up through the guy, which was GREAT for me. I did alright the rest of the night, not making many more mistakes. I only played for three hours, but have a good record to show for it. I got money for some yardsailing!

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